Local Folk Duo Release New Album

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by Chris Morin – Ominocity

Saskatoon’s Karpinka Brothers have quietly released their latest full-length album entitled There’s A Light.

Although rumour has it the boys are waiting on some vinyl pressings of the new album, it is likely that an actual album release show is likely imminent on the horizon. After all, it isn’t official until there is a party. Just sayin’.

Additionally, the Brothers will be appearing at MoSoFEST on Saturday, June 16 opening for Regina’s Andy Shauf.

Musically, having already garnered comparisons to Simon & Garfunkel, The Everly Brothers and Tom Petty, There’s A Light is an easy listen that is life-affirming, and laden with plenty of vocal hooks and breezy acoustic guitar leads.

Lead track “Save It For A Rainy Day” is an optimistic equivalent of a hug – an anthem for the Karpinka Brothers if there ever was one – and could easily contain a few handclaps along with the chorus. Just sayin’. The rest of the album follows suit with a flowing, intimate folk style that works in both rock venues and house shows.

But, having been entrenched into the local indie rock scene and being a fixture at pretty much every show no matter what genre, who exactly are the Karpinka Brothers?

Besides being hands down the nicest guys to ever don matching western wear shirts in Saskatoon.

Ominocity caught up with the dynamic duo for a quick infomercial-style chat presented Q ‘n’ A style.

You’re welcome.

Ominocity: First band you were in?

Aaron Karpinka: “As a young boy I put some elastic bands on a hockey stick and shredded some solos. So technically my first band was a solo project.”

Shawn Karpinka: “I was the front man in a cover band in high school that did all the grunge hits.”

OM: Favourite food?

AK: “Kraft Dinner. Usually over the pot while sitting in the dark.”

SK: “Post gig poutine at Vangelis after rocking. The poutine routine.”

OM: Eye colour?

AK: “Brown. They have also been described as ‘dreamy’ in color.”

SK: “Green as the promise of spring.”

OM: What board game are you best at?

AK: “Fireball Island. It’s from the 1980’s. Very rare. Very amazing game.”

SK: “Jenga. Where are we going? Higher.”

OM: Most memorable Karpinka Bros show?

AK: “Playing at TCU place for the Gordon Lightfoot concert. It felt like a dream the whole time. We brought our parents and met him after the show. There were cheesecakes in the greenroom. They were huge.”

SK: “The Parkridge Centre in Saskatoon, a care home we love to play, hearing their voices sing back to us.”

OM: Which K Bro would win in an arm wrestling match?

AK: “Contests and competition between us is forbidden.”

SK: “Shame on you.”

OM: Boxers or briefs?

AK: “Boxers. Sometimes.”

SK: “Briefs. Always.”

OM: Do you have any cool scars?

AK: “Only mental scars of being rejected by women.”

SK: “Mine are all healed. (Through music.)”

OM: Ideal line-up featuring you and any band who would open for you?

AK: “I always feel bad when people have to open for us. I don’t want to do that to them.”

SK: “We would just let them go last. Then we’d help carry their gear.”

And there you have it!

Source: www.ominocity.com/2012/06/05/karpinka-brothers-theres-a-light-review

Ominocity Bands To Look For In 2012

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by Chris Morin

Karpinka Bros.

Saskatoon’s answer to a hug that never stops, The Karpinka Bros. have already captured the love of an entire city by being the musical equivalent of warm longjohns and a stiff glass of rye. Rumour has it they are putting out an album on vinyl in 2012. I can’t wait for the interviews I am going to do with them…

Source: www.ominocity.com/2012/01/05/bands-to-look-for-in-2012

Ominocity Show Review: Karpinka Brothers, Oldseed

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by Kathy Gallant

You could hear the soft tapping of socked feet at a warm and lovely ‘haus’ show on Monday as the Karpinka Brothers and Oldseed christened Sheena Miller’s new pad, hosted of course by viveMusic.

This was my first house show, and as awkward as I can be sometimes, I didn’t feel that way this night. Hospitality + new faces + beer/wine + amazing music = awesome.

I’ve wanted to see the K-Bros. – Shawn and his currently ‘Movembered’ brother Aaron – for a while now, and I’m super glad I got to see them at this quaint and intimate house show. They played a few new songs and some of their classics like “Little Boxes”. They even sold me a CD for the grand total of a high-five! Their music is warm and inviting, and they are fantastic storytellers.

Oldseed, aka Craig Bjerring, has lived all over the prairies but now calls Castle, Germany home. In his bio he calls himself “a jerk with a guitar” but he seemed pretty nice to me. His set was filled with ethereal songs that, at times, felt like he was channeling some Dylan vibes, but his sound was a little more distinct – gravelly, yet smooth. He even did a cover of a Scorpions song to which a few audience members proclaimed “yes!”.